You want your homeschool to be about more.

There are so many things battling for your kids’ attention.

You know that part of your job as a homeschool mom is to fill them with goodness, but it is often a struggle between the boxes you have to check, mom-taxi duties, and the endless loads of laundry.

What if the solution was starting your day with one simple practice?

What if you had time each day to turn their hearts to God through prayer and Scripture?

What if you could build family relationships by learning together instead of separately?

What if you could simplify your day and still have time for the things you want to learn?

What if you could wake up each morning and look forward to learning with your children?

“I always felt like something was missing from our day.” We have been homeschooling for four years. Prior to this year, we began with prayer and then would dive right into our studies. I was desiring a slower, more connected start to our school day and was so excited to find your guide. It has made a very noticeable difference in our days, and we love it!

Tiffany Wertenberger

When you begin your day with Morning Time you begin your day doing the things your family loves.

You have more engaged learners (and a more engaged mom) and the most important things never get pushed off a checklist.

“School wasn’t fun anymore for my children– certainly not delightful.” I can’t think of a better investment than in Morning Time with my kids. Now I am diving in and enjoying all of the beautiful things I’ve wanted to experience with my little ones.

Dianna Kennedy


And like you, I homeschool because I want so much more for my kids than I ever had in my own education. I struggled for the first couple of years trying to make everything fun and exciting, but I was still faced with kids who had little interest in starting school each morning. When I found Morning Time five years ago, I knew this was what my family needed. And it worked! Morning Time is the place for the joy in our homeschool day. We learn, we laugh, and we start the day with things we love. Since my super-power is breaking down big ideas into doable practices, I knew I had to create this guide to help other families get started finding their own homeschooling joy.

“I love reading about Morning Time from her fresh perspective.” Pam has said so much that I would say and then some. I love reading about Morning Time from her fresh perspective. So much of her experience is common to my family.

Cindy Rollins


Your Morning Basket

How to Transform Your Homeschool One Morning At a Time

A step-by-step guide to creating a time set aside for the most important things in your homeschool.

Learn the five benefits of Morning Time and the positive impact they will have on the education of your children.

Understand the 4Rs and how to use them to create a simple plan to make mornings the best part of your day.

Discover the best and easiest-to-use resources for each subject to take the guesswork out of what you should include in your Morning Time.

Learn how to plan a Morning Time and my no-fail method to beginning a Morning Time habit that sticks!

Get answers to your burning questions including what to do about wiggly kids, multiple ages, and how long should you spend each day.

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Don’t waste another morning spinning your wheels. Get to the most important part of your curriculum right away.


Six Morning Time Snapshots — peeks into the Morning Times of homeschoolers with toddlers to teens.

The 100+ page step-by-step digital guide that walks you through the principles and practices of Morning Time.

Smart Start: A six-week email mini-course to help you succeed in implementing your first Morning Time plan.

BONUS: Printable planning forms and binder covers to help you prepare for a meaningful Morning Time.

Private Facebook community of other moms who are doing Morning Time too. Get support, resource suggestions, camaraderie and more.

LIMITED TIME BONUS: Video tour of Pam’s Morning Time binder: how she organizes her materials and reviews memory work.

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The 100+ page step-by-step digital guide that walks you through the principles and practices of Morning Time.

BONUS: Printable planning forms and binder covers to help you prepare for a meaningful Morning Time.

LIMITED TIME BONUS: Video tour of Pam’s Morning Time binder: how she organizes her materials and reviews memory work.

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Is this a digital or print product?

The guide is completely digital and nothing will be mailed to your home. You can easily print a copy at home or at your local copy shop and have it bound for your own personal use or it is easy to read on a tablet or right on your computer screen.

I already do Morning Time each day. Is there anything in the guide for me?

Yes! When I first started writing my intention was to write a few chapters on Morning Time planning as part of a different book. Once I began, though, I really started taking a closer look at the principles behind the practice.

It wasn’t until then that I came to a deeper understanding of Morning Time. I learned so much in the writing of this guide. I have since changed a number of things we do during Morning Time, and it has taken on an even greater importance in our homeschool.

What if we aren't morning people?

While I do think Morning Time sets the disposition for learning and is a great way to start your day, it does not have to be done in the morning to be effective. “Morning Time” was the name Cindy Rollins gave it 27 years ago, and that name kind of stuck in homeschool circles.

There are homeschoolers who do Morning Time at all times of day, and I’ve heard it called everything from Circle Time, Symposium, Brain Break, and even the Homeschool Power Hour.

I am not a Classical or Charlotte Mason homeschooler. Can I still do Morning Time?

Of course you can! The contemplation of truth, goodness, and beauty is for everyone. Morning Time is a wonderful addition to a unit study, school-at-home, even an unschooler’s homeschool day. Every kind of homeschool family can benefit from this simple practice.

Is the book written from a Christian viewpoint or contain Christian content?

Unapologetically, yes.

Have more questions?

If you have another question that has not been answered here, email me at I will be happy to help you out.



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