Spring Into Shakespeare Kick-off Replay

An introduction to A Comedy of Errors

  • Best ages guideline: Elementary to adult
  • Prep: None

Mystie Winckler will demystify A Comedy of Errors and get your family ready to begin reading. If you want your students to take a few notes, then have them bring paper and pencil. Mystie usually has her students use a notebook they can add to later because they draw pictures during the reading as well, but it is not required.


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Spring into Shakespeare lasts all spring! We will have more events in the Your Morning Basket Plus Subscription. Here is what is coming up.


A Comedy of Errors Q&A

Saturday, March 7

10 AM Central Time



A Comedy of Errors Memory Palace

Tuesday, March 31

11 AM Central Time



Art with the Bard

Tuesday, April 14

11 AM Central Time



It’s a Bard-Day Party!

Thursday, April 23

Noon Central Time


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