Lenten Morning Time Plans


Seven weeks of pre-made Morning Time plans for Catholic families as they travel through the Lenten season. Bring beauty (and joy!) to your homeschool with poetry, fine arts, nature study, good books, and so much more — all prepared for you with your choice of a grid or loop schedule to follow.

This product is digital only. Nothing will be mailed.


We took all the hard work out of planning Morning Time!

Authored by Genie Shaw of Barefoot Abbey the plans include seven weeks of Morning Time activities for Catholic families as they travel through Lent.

This product is digital only. Nothing will be mailed.

Designed for grades 1-6 the plans can easily be adapted to include preschool to adult age groups.

Topics and subjects included in these plans are:

  • Prayer – various Catholic prayers for Lent
  • Hymns – Three hymns to study and learn (verses from each)
  • Memorization – Selected passages of Scripture
  • Scripture Reading- Daily Mass reading
  • Saint of the Day – an appendix that links to a reading for each day’s saint
  • Poetry – Lenten Poems
  • Music appreciation – Sacred music for the Lenten season
  • Picture study – Fra Angelico
  • Art – Lent inspired crafts
  • Nature Study – Our Wonderful World by Emery Lewis Howe (Available free online)
  • Picture books – fabulous selections to accompany the subject areas
  • Read Alouds – three great chapter books scheduled for you to choose between

The lesson plans are designed for ease-of-use for new Morning Time Moms and veterans alike. They feature:

  • Intro material with tips and instructions for doing all the subjects
  • A weekly grid that schedules each subject for you daily
  • OR a loop schedule laying out all the subjects and activities to be done — just do the next thing(s) each day
  • A blank grid to add your own subjects or resources to the plan if you want
  • Printable booklist to take to the library
  • Copies of prayers, Scripture, and poems to print for your family
  • An easy-to-use web page with links to all the videos and tutorials in the plans, as well as links to the books and art supplies for your convenience

Note: In order to complete some of the subjects as written you will need the following:

  • Our Wonderful World by Emery Lewis Howe (can be found free online)
  • Various art supplies (listed in sample)

Click to download the sample of the Morning Time plans here.

The sample contains a smattering of pages from the intro, an example of a printable booklist page, printable poem page, weekly grid, and loop schedule page.

What are you waiting for? Have the Morning Time you always wanted, without the stress, prep, and planning!

2 reviews for Lenten Morning Time Plans

  1. Elizabeth Overcash (verified owner)

    We love your Lenten Season plans! I purchased these last year – 2017 and I am still referring to them this 2018 year. The music chosen is lovely and we just play it throughout our entire morning or when we are doing Art. Your resources are so well done and we look forward to more. Thank you!

  2. Allison M (verified owner)

    I bought the Lenten plans after doing the Advent plans (and absolutely LOVING them), and was so excited to begin these plans this Lenten season. Unfortunately, we really aren’t able to fully do these plans unless I wanted to spend quite a bit more money. Many of the books that are mentioned aren’t available at any nearby libraries (and I live in a metroplex and have cards at 3 different large libraries). I also didn’t realize that most of the art plans and all of the nature plans aren’t available without purchasing additional books (This may have been something I should have realized from the preview, but if so I overlooked it :/)
    We are doing the songs, picture studies, and memory verses since those all are fully available. We are doing just a few of the poems since many are more aligned with the nature study that we don’t own/have access to plans without the additional purchase. I don’t like leaving a negative review because I truly do believe these plans would be awesome – *if* you’re planning on making additional purchases – but without the additional purchases I regret the purchase and wish I had known I should be prepared to spend more ahead of time.
    *I know that it’s suggested you can substitute your own books on similar topics, but since I purchased the plans so I wouldn’t have to seek out my own resources, to me that defeats the purpose of the ease of the plans.

    • Allison M (verified owner)

      I wanted to amend my previous comment – we actually stopped doing the plans entirely by around week 4 of Lent – we just weren’t getting enough out of them so we found another resource. As a digital product, I completely understand not being able to return it, but if it were possible to return/get a refund, I would. (Again, this review is based on the fact that I only paid for the plans and not the additional products the plans are dependent upon.)

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