Advent to Epiphany Morning Time Plans

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Six weeks of pre-made Morning Time plans for Catholic families as they travel through the Advent and Christmas seasons. Bring beauty (and joy!) to your homeschool with poetry, fine arts, nature study, good books, and so much more — all prepared for you with your choice of a grid or loop schedule to follow.

This is a digital product. Nothing will be mailed.


We took all the hard work out of planning Morning Time!

Authored by Genie Shaw of Barefoot Abbey the plans include six weeks of Morning Time activities for Catholic families for Advent through Epiphany.

This is a digital product. Nothing will be mailed.

Designed for grades 1-6 the plans can easily be adapted to include preschool to adult age groups.

Topics and subjects included in these plans are:

  • Prayer – St. Andrew Christmas Novena and other seasonal prayers
  • Music appreciation -Advent, Christmas, and Epiphany Hymns
  • Hymns – six hymns and carols
  • Memorization – The Last Gospel of the Mass (Prologue of John)
  • Scripture reading – Daily Mass readings
  • Poetry – seasonal poems
  • Picture study – Advent and Christmas themed art
  • Nature Study – Stars and Constellations
  • Art – Chalk pastels tutorials
  • Picture books – Fabulous selections to accompany the subject areas
  • Read Alouds – Four great chapter books scheduled for you to choose between
  • Saint of the Day – An appendix that links to a reading for each day’s saint

The lesson plans are designed for ease-of-use for new Morning Time Moms and veterans alike. They feature:

  • Intro material with tips and instructions for doing all the subjects
  • A weekly grid that schedules each subject for you daily
  • OR a loop schedule laying out all the subjects and activities to be done — just do the next thing(s) each day
  • A blank grid to add your own subjects or resources to the plan if you want
  • Printable booklist to take to the library
  • Copies of prayers, Scripture, and poems to print for your family
  • An easy-to-use web page with links to all the videos and tutorials in the plans, as well as links to the books and art supplies for your convenience

* Note: Completing nature study will require a purchase of additional resources. Other books can be purchased, borrowed from the library, or you may substitute similar titles from your own collection.

Click to download the sample of the Morning Time plans here.

The sample contains a smattering of pages from the intro, an example of a printable booklist page, printable poem page, weekly grid, and loop schedule page.

What are you waiting for? Have the Morning Time you always wanted, without the stress, prep, and planning!

6 reviews for Advent to Epiphany Morning Time Plans

  1. Julie (verified owner)

    I purchased these plans a couple of days ago and already have them printed, ready to go. I am excited about the Catholic prayers. Mostly, it is just so nice not to have to plan it all myself, even though usually, I prefer to plan things out to fit my family better. These plans won’t need any changing. I like them the way they are, which is really rare for me. There just might be a couple of picture books we have to skip/swap because our library didn’t have them, but most of the books listed were available or we already owned them.

  2. Colleen (verified owner)

    I purchased these plans a few weeks ago for the Advent season. We have used several morning plans before and we always enjoy the variety and ease of use. I just place the plans on my Kindle Fire and I am ready to go. I love the prayers and the book lists. My children love the Advent and Christmas art lessons. These plans keep me on task and lessen my stress of Advent planning. Thank you!

  3. Pauline Magnusson (verified owner)

    **On-Point Morning Time Loveliness for the Decision-Fatigued Mom**

    Okay, let’s face it – this time of year is one that has its own level of decision fatigue. While I want to be focused and intentional in keeping our attention on what the season is about, my brain is already fried with the multitude of choices and plans that need to be in place to keep us moving along smoothly.

    Enter Pam Barnhill’s Advent to Epiphany Morning Time plans.


    I made myself some coffee to sip while I printed out the file and quickly requested the books from the pre-coordinated book list at the library. I now have 4 binders ready for my kids along with a master copy for myself; we have a basket of lovely things to eat, and we are eagerly looking forward to hitting the ground running with a plan (not sure if we’re using the block schedule or the loop schedule yet…but other than that choice, that’s pretty much all my tired brain needs to choose because both schedules are laid out beautifully). We can’t wait to incorporate the lovely art lessons, too, something I never manage to get around to.

    The Advent to Epiphany Morning Time plans are a beautiful bit of magic for moms this season…thank you so much for a tool to increase the peace and beauty in our homeschool this holy season!


    Awesome ideas for all kinds of Catholic Mommas!

    As I’ve explored these lesson plans for Advent, I can see how they would be useful for a variety of Catholic moms. Think about this.

    Are you a Catholic mom, sending your kids to public or parochial school? No problem. You can use these plans to guide you with read alouds to connect with your kids after school and on weekends.

    Working as a catechist or religious education teacher? Bingo. Pull out the music and art study for your class time.

    Catholic classroom teacher? These lesson plans have you covered. Use the saint study resources as a jumping off point for discussion in your classroom.

    Catholic homeschooling momma? These plans are tailor made for you, lady. Pick and choose what you want to use, and gather your materials. You’ll learn right alongside your littles.

    You can’t go wrong with these!

  5. Kat Brenner (verified owner)

    This is my first Morning Time plan purchase, and I love it! I’m so excited for Advent to start so I can use these. I already selected the book from her booklist that I’m going to use for our Advent read-aloud. It was one I hadn’t heard of before, and it looks really good! I normally love putting my own plans together for morning time, but since I have a baby my time is limited. I’m so glad I decided to use Pam’s plans because they are very well thought out.

  6. Z Z

    Lovely! We use these and we aren’t Catholic. We use them as a supplement to the Christmas and Advent plans (we have them all). I appreciated the opportunity to briefly introduce Augustine as one of the church fathers. We also love preparing our hearts with John 1. Chalk art pastels are super and addictive. Music is lovely. Thanks so much for putting the time and effort into these beautiful plans!

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