Relaxed, interest-based homeschooling sounds great in theory

But how do you do it with your kids?


Learn how to create a plan for relaxed, interest-based homeschooling and still be sure your kids are learning what they need.

This mini-training series will:

  • Show you three techniques you can use to baby-step your way to more relaxed, interest-based learning while still meeting educational requirements and the expectations of your spouse
  • Teach you to create a plan (with your kid!) that allows your child to follow their interests while you feel confident they are actually learning
  • Demonstrate how to be intentional about ordering your time and your space so that interest-based, relaxed learning happens – never feel guilty about not getting to the “good things” ever again.

Introducing Order & Wonder, the training that shows you that you can have both in your homeschool.

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Your mini-training series will include:


How to build interest-based learning
into your homeschool plan

If you plan it; it will happen!

In this module you will:


  • Discover why you may feel the need to create a plan for relaxed homeschooling — and why it’s totally ok.
  • Learn how to babystep your way to more relaxed, interest-based learning with three techniques that work!
  • Swipe my secret sauce checklists (yes! checklists) that are guaranteed to help you create more relaxed learning opportunities in your homeschool.


Make a plan for their interests

(without sucking the fun out of them!)

Make the most of all those fun resources — in a way you will both feel good about.

In this module you will:

  • Think deeply about how your child loves to learn so you can work together to create a study he will actually enjoy.
  • Put together a plan she will want to follow and that also makes you feel confident that learning is happening in your home.


Build “Buckets and Loops” to get it done

Never neglect (or forget) to do the extras ever again.

In this module you will:

  • Use our system of “Buckets and Loops” to create a system to use all your newly planned learning.
  • Adapt this flexible system for family learning or independent work so you can meet everyone’s needs.
  • Apply the “Bucket and Loop” system to digital resources using Pinterest so you (or independent kids) can access curated activities they will love.

Get The Order and Wonder Mini Training for Only $24