Green Ember Gala

Join us for this special event with author S.D. Smith

  • Best ages guideline: Elementary to middle
  • Prep: See supply list below

This event with Nana from, Cindy West from No Sweat Nature Study, and author S.D. Smith celebrates the release of the final book in the Green Ember series, Ember Rising. We will have a chalk pastel art lesson, a nature study lesson, and a chance to get all of your questions answered by Mr. Smith himself (plus a song even)! It was so much fun.

Supply list:

For the nature study portion of the event you will need a nature journal (if you have one) or blank paper and colored pencils. No colored pencils? Crayons will work just fine.

For the chalk pastel portion of the event, you will also want to have:

  • white copy paper
  • baby wipes or damp paper towels
  • vinyl tablecloth and a smock or big t-shirt (Note from Pam: This is optional — cleanup from chalk pastels is so easy. Just wear play clothes and grab a damp rag or sponge for the table. We never do anything special.)
  • construction paper (Also optional – Nana usually puts a piece under her drawing paper to anchor it to the table.)

If you can’t get your hands on chalk pastels, then just use what you have. Really! The fun of the event is in participating. Do the art with crayons, oil pastels, or colored pencils. You won’t be able to blend quite the same but your artwork can be just as lovely.


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