Exploring the Wonder, Wisdom & Worship of Learning at Home
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About the book

the author

Is there a way to make homeschooling more joyful?

Homeschooling is hard. Laundry piles high on the couch, the toddler empties the bookshelves onto the dining room floor, and in the midst of it all, your thirteen-year-old bursts into tears over the writing assignment yet again. You ask yourself, Is this even worth it?

Oh mama, it is.

Gather: Exploring the Wonder, Wisdom, & Worship of Learning at Home takes you inside the world of nine homeschooling families through the stunning photography of Heather Tully. You will see for yourself that learning by gathering together is the key to efficient homeschooling. Families build relationships, share discoveries, experience joy and wonder, and model lifelong learning.

Authors Pam Barnhill of Your Morning Basket and Heather Tully share their own stories along with inspiration, encouragement, and pages of practical advice to help you make whole-family learning viable in your own homeschool.

You kept them home so you could enjoy their childhood. Don’t miss the chance to share in their education every day.

Let’s gather.

What they are saying

Homeschool moms are loving the inspiration in Gather.

Betsy Cypress

I enjoy all of Pam’s books, but this publication is in a category of its own. The full-color photographs are beautiful, but real! Dirty fingernails, messes, real parents and kids, the beauty of everyday homeschool life. This guide will serve new homeschool families, veteran homeschoolers, and everyone in between. Big questions are answered for families with babies, teens, mixed ages, only children, large families, and other unique circumstances. Feast your eyes, heart, and mind on this delightful book!

Rachael Monreal

This is a book for all homeschoolers. It shows the reality of homeschool, and not just the ideal. It makes homeschooling look doable through beautiful photos, and gives practical insight through the wise words of those who have walked through the good and bad.

Inside you’ll discover:

  • Dozens of photos of family gathering times to inspire your own — from beautiful to messy it’s all inside.
  • How to use wonder as a springboard for learning in your home.
  • Information on combining different age groups together.
  • Inspiration from Charlotte Mason, classical, eclectic, and unschooly families, as well as how to gather when there is just one child or when there are ten.
  • Tips for how to gather when you have babies and toddlers in the mix and how it might look when you only have teens as well.
  • Practical instructions for how to study some of the most popular family learning subjects with step-by-step tips on getting them done.

About Pam and Heather

the author

When Pam Barnhill’s not homeschooling her three kids, she can be found empowering other homeschoolers at She is the host of the popular Your Morning Basket podcast and author of Better Together: Strengthen Your Family, Simplify Your Homeschool, and Savor the Subjects that Matter Most. Pam lives with her family in Alabama.

Heather Tully is a mom of ten kids who has been practicing a gathering time in her home for over 18 years. As a documentary photographer, she seeks to capture the wonder in everyday life. You can find Heather online at where she shares her work and photos of her family from their Georgia home.

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