Farm Explorations

Click to download the Farms Explorations pack.

Inside the pack you will find:

  • Links to DO IT activities to enjoy during your Morning Basket time.
  • BOOK LIST ideas along with our FAVORITE PICKS of the ones worth adding to your home library.
  • LEVEL UP activities to include your middle and high school students. This farm study is NOT just for little kids.
  • STREW IT activities to spark an interest in your kids all month long.
  • PRINTABLE memory work, songs, and poems with AUDIO FILES for memory work.
  • FOR MORE EXPLORATION activity ideas to take the fun outside of Morning Time.
  • A beautiful PRINTABLE PLANNING CALENDAR to help you plan out all the goodness.

Below are the two LIVE EVENT replays that go with the plans. Enjoy these with your kids!

Did you know that every language has different sounds for animals? That’s right! For example, in Germany, the rooster says, “Kikeriki!” and in Mexico, the dog says, “¡Guau!” Come learn the names of different animals and the sounds they make around the world.
  • Best ages guideline: All
  • Prep: None


 Join Miss Pam for a Memory Palace event to memorize an excerpt from the poem “The Frost is on the Punkin'”

A Memory Palace is a fun way to memorize using repetition, zany images, and fun. At the end of the class you will most likely have this excerpt down pat!


Want us to send your poster and sticker in the mail?

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