Chalk Pastel Christmas Card Replay

  • Best ages guideline: Elementary and middle school
  • Prep: Gather supplies below.
Making Christmas Cards Simple Supply List
Nana says…
  • paper in your favorite colors of Christmas cards or white copy paper
  • set of chalk pastels
  • baby wipes or damp paper towel for easy clean up

After the lesson:

  • super cheap aerosol hair spray for sealing finished Christmas card
  • envelopes (if mailing)

Get a cheap aerosol hair spray like Aqua Net (not pump hair spray) I recommend taking your painting outside to spray. Just a quick, light coating will do to seal it.

Here is a video of Nana showing you just how to apply fixative to a finished chalk pastel painting.

Also another option is framing with glass if you would like to share as a gift.

Envelope tutorial to make your own envelopes for mailing.

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